Reading travel guides: Louis Vuitton City Guides 2013

I am very happy to discover that I do not know all and I still have so much to learn. Especially when it comes to luxury and fashion, I have the feeling but not the knowledge. My latest revelation is that Louis Vuitton bags were initially aimed to elegant travelers and not exclusively for fashion addicts. Now, there are for both cases, but if I would have think more about the practical qualities of the bags it was almost obvious that there are rather designed to help you during the travel.

Recently, I had the opportunity to check on my own some of their products in a local shop and found many traditional models that are an useful tool for anyone interested in intensive luxury travel. Of course that if you plan to spend some weeks in a hostel somewhere in India, a Louis Vuitton bag is largely inadequate and may attract the attention of presumptive thieves, but otherwise, either for a weekend or for a long vacation in a four to five-star hotel, such a bag is a very attractive accessory.

Louis Vuitton was launched in 1854 in Paris as an official company producing packing products for Napoleon IIIrd. The industrial revolution was on the way and people started to move more often by train or steamships and especially the French high-class needed some special bags. In the 1930s, the company diversified their offer by including many other leather goods as well as simpler weekend bags.

The travel guides are aiming at a high-end audience, interested in shopping, high-end locations, art galleries, museums and luxury adventures. However, despite the good look of the package of guides, the design of each guide is quite simple, without too many images or overloaded with graphics. Some small and comprehensive maps are aimed to offer the basic information and are written in a simple and practical way. The guides, produced by the fashion brand since 1998, are available in French and English, in a fancy blue-and-brown kit. They are quite small and easy to carry. As expected, the best information is included in the Paris guide, while in other cases, one book is dedicated to more cities: Berlin, for instance, have only 100 pages out of 300, where Munich, Salzburg and Vienna are also featured. The newest entry on the list of the 40 guides is San Francisco. Other cities featured are: Athens, Istanbul, Zagreb, Antwerp, Beirut, London, Monaco, Naples, Rome, Milan, Toulouse, Moscow, Odessa, Warsaw, Dublin or Birmingham. Buying them is more than a practical issue, is part of a personal fashion statement.


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