– Taste a good Georgian wine

– Enjoy Armenian hospitality

– Visit all the former Soviet Republics

– Go to Djerba

– Take pics together with kangaroos in Australia

Make a tour of Kishinev

– Visit (finally) Karlovy Vary

– Make a tour of Aarhus

– Visit Gombe reservation

– Discover the secrets of Iceland

– See the Mt. Kilimanjaro

– Hang out in Fiji

– Visit all the European countries

– Discover what it is worth to do in Bali

– Return to Japan and see the islands

– Spend 24 hours in St. Petersburg

– Spend a night in a tent in Mongolia

– Write a guide of Costa Rica

– Take pictures of Iguazu

– Try to learn tango in Argentina

– Learning Brazilian Portuguese in Rio

– Travel in Provence

– Have a carefree summer on a Greek island

– Learn cooking in Naples

– Make a bike tour of New Zealand

Spend a week-end in Antwerp

– Write about Bilbao’s architecture

– Write about Rotterdam’s architecture

– Commute from Nice to Monaco

– Take a cruise in the Norwegian fjords

Visit Bratislava

– See 100 Places in Germany

– Go to Lublin, Uman and Lysensk

– Spend an evening discussing high intellectual subjects with my friends in Warsaw

– Spend at least 4 hours on a boat in Cyprus

– Take pictures of the beach in Cancun

– Say ‘hello’ to the world from Lima

– Take a picture of me with Machu Picchu

– See the sunset in Scotland

– Observe the Dubliners

– Travel to Laos

– Discover Gibraltar

– Learn to cook in Vietnam

– Discover Montenegro

– Sip a good coffee in Sarajevo. And another one in Mostar

– Write a travel guide of Albania

– Walk the Great Wall

– Discover the secrets of Finnish design

– Spend a week-end in Manchester

– Write about writing retreats

– See at least 10 castles in Germany. And continue with the chateaux de la Loire

– Go with the Eurostar from from London to Paris. And retour.

– Cross the Chanel Tunnel via Pas-de-Calais

– Spend a summer in Normandy

– Travel with the Transsiberian. And before or after with the Orient Express.

–  See the sunrise in Morocco

– Listen to the street music in South Africa

– Go Malta

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “To-do-list

  1. Love your to-do list. We have few things in common 🙂

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