Let me be your Berlin guide!

Are you visiting Berlin and curious what you can see and where you can go?
Are you curious to have a taste of the diverse cuisine offered by the many restaurants and bars of the city?
Have been told by your friends and relatives how cool and hip and unforgettable is the city, but you don’t know how to plan your experience beyond the usual tourist to-do-list?
Are you Jewish observant and would love to find out where to spend a Shabbat evening or to buy kosher food?
Would you like to also go outside the city and would love to know how to plan your trip to Potsdam?
I modestly announce you that I might have some answers to those questions, plus some extra information that could help you have an unforgettable experience in the city.
In partnership with LocalYoo, you can easily book my services on my Expert page: http://www.localyoo.com/experts/ilana
Can’t wait to be your guide in the city!
Keep in touch soon!

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