What to do in Perlis, Malaysia

Perlis is considered the smallest state in Malaysia. It is situated at the Northern part of the West coast of Peninsular Malaysia. On the North, it is situated close to Satun and Songkhla provinces in Thailand. The administrative capital is Kangar while Arau is the royal capital. Kuala Perlis is the main port and ferry terminal.

The tourist experts in the region are recommending 10 locations where the visitors will be have a pleasant surprise:

1. Gua Kelam or the Cave of Darkness has very interesting limestone formations, such as fossils, flowstones. straws, gour pools. Some cave dwelling bats enjoy their stay there too so be careful to do not bother them too much.

2. Ladang Anggur is also called the Grape Garden where several types of grapes – such as Black Opal, Loose Perlette or Black Queen – can be found and eventually tasted.

3. Harumanis mango is a special variety of mango, appreciated for the fragrant, sweet and thick succulent flesh. A visit at the 65-hectare Bukit Bitang Agriculture Center is recommended especially during the harvest time, in April and June.

4. Kota Kayang Museum tells the story of Perlis through a variety of displays, from archaeological relics to historical artefacts.

5. Gunung Perlis is not only the Northern most point of Peninsular Malaysia, but also one of the main attractions in Perlis State Park. Why not climb to the top of the 733-meter high mountain, an adventure that can be done in 3-5 hours of hike. The visitor will enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the rainforest. Usually, the journey to the top should be done together with nature guides.

6. Autumn in the tropics will have a different taste after an experience in the Persli State Park. This 5,000-hectare White-Ferutu Forest, the only of this kind in the country, is semi-deciduous – it shed sits leaves during the long dry season. Also called the Pearl of Perlis, it has caves of different sizes and various levels of difficulty.

7. A visit at the Herbs Garden will reveal a lot of wonderful plants and flowers that can be found only in Perlis. On the 12-hectare herbal garden there can be admired over 1,000 plants of local and foreign origin.

8. Kuala Perlis is a coastal maritime town famous for the fresh seafood served permanently: at night or during the day, you can always find a good restaurant where to have unforgettable culinary experiences.

9. Are you looking to keep yourself fit after so much street food tasting? Start by playing woodball, a sport similar to the miniature golf. The standard equipment required to play is made of wooden balls, a mallet and the gate.

10. If you are not too tired, you can continue the exploration of Perlis by night or day, visiting Padang Besar or Wang Kelian market.