Touring across the Balkans

I did a lot of travel earlier in the Balkans, but I still need to see Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. I love a lot the people and their culture and for a long time I was reading and writing a lot about this part of Europe full of history and intellectual challenges.

Due to the cultural and historical richness, I would always prefer a multi-country trip that can reveal a wider image of the countries and the common mood of the region.

Some ideas about getting some tours around the Balkans could be:

Visit 7 Balkan countries, from Skopje or Sarajevo: Macedonia (Skopje, Tetovo, Bitola, Ohrid/Struga), Albania (Elbasan, Tirana, Shkodra), Montenegro (St. Stefan, Budva, Kotor), Croatia (Dubrovnik), Bosnia Herzegovina (Mostar, Pocitelj, Sarajevo), Serbia (Belgrad, Nis), Kosovo (Pristina, Prizren).

WestBalkan Tour, from Tirana or Sarajevo: Albania (Elbasan, Tirana, Shkodra), Montenegro (St. Stefan, Budva, Kotor), Croatia (Dubrovnik), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mostar, Pocitelj, Sarajevo).

Tour from Sarajevo or Podgorica: Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mostar, Pocitelj, Sarajevo, Travnik), Croatia (Dubrovnik and 3 islands), Montenegro (St. Stefan, Budva, Kotor).

Macedonia, the Cradle of Culture: Skopje/Ohrid with Tetovo, Bitola, Resen, Struga.

– The Dalmatian Coast in 10 nights: Zagreb, Sarajevo or Podgorica: Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia (Plitvice Lake, islands and national park sightseeting).

Old Yugoslavia Capital cities:  Kosovo (Pristina), Macedonia (Skopje), Serbia (Belgrade), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo), Croatia (Zagreb).

All in one: Turkey and Greece Culture, history and holiday vacation: Istanbul, Antalya, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Islands.

The tours can be made for big or small groups, with buses or rent-a-car solutions. As usual when it comes to trips, it is very important to know what you want to see and what is your budget. The Balkans are ready to welcome rich or backpack budgets.