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This blog was in the air for around 3 years, but started to dedicate all my time and energy only since March 2013. Since then, the blog grew up little by little, reaching new audiences and covering new topics. I want to offer informative articles with a cultural twist, travel stories about the places I go.

The audience is made of women and men, between 25 and 45. The main audience is English-speaking, from US and UK, but also from Germany, India and Australia.

The posts are in English, but I am planning to expand soon to German, French and Hebrew.

My main areas and topics of interest are:

– Travel trips and tips. I am interested to discover small places and corners. Even in the very popular crowded places, I am trying as much as possible to go beyond the stereotypes. Thus, I am more a traveller than a tourist, even though I am tempted to see the big ‘tourist’ attractions as well.

– Culture, history and architecture

– Nature – zoo, safari, walking trips

– Photography

– Kosher food tours and kosher travel in general

– Hotel reviews

– Book reviews and interviews on travel related topics

– Travel lifestyle and coaching

– Fashion travel and travel beauty products

– Travel planning

My online presence includes:








I am open to collaborate with various travel companies, but all the details of the financial compensation will be disclosed. I will only write about locations and places that I visited before or products that I had the opportunity to test. In any case, the final opinion on the product or package will be 100% mine, meaning that I will share the pros and cons without complexes. At the end of the day, being faithful to my audience is what that matters.

The collaboration can include:

– Press trips, groups and tailored

– Book reviews

– Hotel reviews

– Writing travel guides either general, covering various locations, or with a specific topic – such as historical, cultural guides

– Partnership for covering various events, especially cultural

– Banners and sponsorships

Send me your ideas for a partnership at: ilanaontheroad (at) gmail (dot) com and I am happy to discuss about the details, including of financial nature.

I am also free to hire for social media consulting or branding, content providing or other writing-related opportunities. I am also available for individual travel coaching or travel planning for Germany and Eastern Europe, including kosher travel ideas – Hungary and Romania especially. The prices and options will be discussed via e-mail.

Keep in touch!


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