Reading travel guides: Louis Vuitton City Guides 2013

I am very happy to discover that I do not know all and I still have so much to learn. Especially when it comes to luxury and fashion, I have the feeling but not the knowledge. My latest revelation is that Louis Vuitton bags were initially aimed to elegant travelers and not exclusively for fashion […]

Rediscovering London

    ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’ said Samuel Johnson. My life friendship with London started a couple of years ago, when I started to discover the city. Since then, I tried to refresh our friendship, by discovering new corners and meeting new people. Although I considered myself quite […]

Budapest, ten years after

In the last ten years, Budapest changed a lot but still stays the same. Many of the people I used to spend unforgettable evenings talking for long hours in the bars near the Danube left the country, but meanwhile the city got new heroes and statues and the streets outside the areas of main historical […]

Reading on the road: the book selection of the month

I had another busy month with a lot of travel, writing, but also interesting reading. Some of the books I selected for ths month can be good recommendations for travellers, writers or not. As a faithful admirer of London, I was very happy to start reading Ben Aaronovitch Rivers of London. The descriptions of the […]

Birmingham, will be back soon!

Here I am, finally in Birmingham, after an exhausting tour-de-force that started early in the morning in Berlin, with a stop in Oxford when I fully enjoyed the pleasure of discovering a historical city of learning. Too tired to do anything else for the evening, I preferred to have a nice supper, explore the hotel and […]

Travel book recommendation: City-pick St. Petersburg

I haven’t been to St. Petersburg (yet) but I am fascinated by this city, mostly due to my literary wanderings together with authors like Andrei Belîi or Daniil Kharms. I am not a great fan of Raskolnikov, but I do love Oblomov. The city has all the ingredients to attract tourists interested in history and […]


– Taste a good Georgian wine – Enjoy Armenian hospitality – Visit all the former Soviet Republics – Go to Djerba – Take pics together with kangaroos in Australia – Make a tour of Kishinev – Visit (finally) Karlovy Vary – Make a tour of Aarhus – Visit Gombe reservation – Discover the secrets of […]

Ilana on the road goes to Prenzlau

Compared to London, Sweden or even Paris, the weather around my town was optimistically good and sunny and I could not resist the temptation to offer myself (another) day off in the countryside. This time, I explored for 4 hours the city of Prenzlau, in the always surprising region Brandenburg. Discovering Uckermark The trip from […]

Interview of the week: Heather Reyes, from Oxygen Books

When I read for the first time about Oxygen Books, I was so excited that could not resist the temptation to write them an e-mail asking for an interview. Heather Reyes, the mind and inspired hand behind this interesting edition house took her precious time and answered my curiosities about the brilliant idea of a […]