Discovering unexpected sides of Hamburg

Less than 6 months distance since my previous trip, I am back to Hamburg. I don’t expect to see the sun here – never happened before, but was told that there might be some shining hours here from time to time  – but at least I’m lucky enough to not be touched by any drop […]


The rainy return to Hamburg

  I visited Hamburg a couple of years ago, at the beginning of my expat life in Germany, when I was pretty curious for everything. I returned the last week of December to revisit some places and eventually discover new ones. It was raining again, but I wasn’t bothered. The memories were still fresh and […]

Salty Middle Ages impressions in Lüneburg

My stepfather was only once in Germany and then he only visited Lüneburg. Back home, he was extremely impressed by the little picturesque houses, maintained in a good shape for centuries. As the city was left untouched by the WWII bombings, the city seemed to have its special histories to share. Taking the chance of […]

On the road with FlixBus-MeinFernbus

In the last months, my travels within Germany were very limited, and especially lately I mostly used trains or car. However, once in a while, I remember that still did not test all the bus opportunities that are, by far, the cheapest options to travel across Germany. Especially now, during the few hot days of […]

Quiet adventures at the Baltic Sea: Kiel

I will share a well known secret about me: I don’t know how to swim, but I love spending time in cities bordering the sea, especially in one of those few days blessed with sun. As the sun is always a big question in Germany, I took the challenge of the sea and enjoyed a […]

On the road with FlixBus

When the train is so expensive and there are relatively limited options in terms of airports around the big German cities I want to visit (sometimes by air is much cheaper than by rail), if you have enough time to spend on the road, the bus is always a pleasant affordable alternative. But planning is […]

Bookish recommendations of the month

Today, I decided to take a break from travel and focus on what on my favourite activities when on the way to my next destination: reading. Rose – or the House I Loved according to the English edition – by Tatiane de Rosnay is a delicate novel about the beginning of the era of dramatic transformation […]

The colourful surprise from Uelzen

  When I descended from my second train connection in less than 2 hours, ready for one more stop before Celle, the destination of the day, I was not sure where exactly I am. On the other side of the platform, I saw a pinkish rabbit hole kind of entrance, on my side, colourful columns. […]

My travels and 9/11

Less than one week after 9/11 I was in a plane heading to Skopje, Macedonia. I was participating to a media research trip covering OSCE efforts to mediate the inter-ethnic conflict in the area. It was an unusually quiet trip, without too much chatting or jokes, excepts a very inadequate remark of a member of […]

Project: 100 Places to See in Germany

How else can you better know a country than by travelling intensively? Thus, you can discover the food, the culture and the landscape, but also to meet real people! Since moving to Berlin, around 7 years ago, I went in a couple of places, but still curious to discover more from the country. Recently, I […]