Hey sista…

With a full time non-blogging job and so many things to do, taste, read and learn, my blogging life had -publicly at least, but my readers do not believe in appearances – more downs than ups. I keep travelling though in an interesting place – in Berlin or outside the city – at least once the week. Most of my focus now is how to improve the audience, play with the SEO tricks and get the technical knowledge for upgrading the blog to a better, higher, inter-stellar level. Soon, will launch my Instagram account and everything is ready to go up and up to the travel sky. Stay around for some great updates soon.

Meanwhile, Doro who is sharing her travel lessons learned and stories as The Touristin, nominatede me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers, together with other nice folks, some of them I had the chance to meet in Berlin. Many thanks for thinking about me, Doro! And thank you too for the great questions I will answer right now, one by one:

What is your favourite vegetarian dish?

I am not a fully committed vegetarian, but I don’t eat too much meat either. A couple of years ago I got to know the Vietnamese cuisine and definitely fell in love with. Till I will make my dream of learning to cook some of the dishes in Vietnam, I never say ‘no’ to the temptation to have just another spring roll in one of the many good restaurants serving authentic Vietnamese food in Berlin.

What type of museum do you like to visit?

I go to any kind of museums. I started this sport as a kid, when my mother used to take me with her anywhere and kept doing it right now. I appreciate the classical art museums, but I have a hidden fascination for science and technical museums too. I even went to a very specialized electricity museum in Berlin so expect the unexpected from me!

We hear all the time that we have to live our dreams. Are you doing it?

I am a realistic person, so I prefer to enjoy every single moment of the life I am doing for me.

What is the funniest thing you ever experienced?

It happens very often. One of them: forgetting my winter coat on the bus from Haifa to Ben Gurion Airport in Israel and arriving in Berlin at – many degrees. To be continud…

What is your most treasured travel souvenir?

I do not gather objects or any kind of souvenirs. I treasured the time spent on the road, the pictures I take and the lessons I learn that I can later share with others on the blog and usually by writing.

Mountains or ocean?

What about looking at the ocean from the top of the mountain?

Who should play you in the film of your life?

Me, of course đŸ™‚

If your life were a book, what would the title be?

Isn’t the title of my blog good enough?

Did you ever dance under a stary night sky?

Very often. It makes sense for someone that sleeps just a meagre amount of hours, isn’t it?

Your perfect vacation involves…

A place I never been before, preferably with some mountains, a lot of sun and a tasty cocktail waiting for me in the middle of nowhere. Suggestions, anyone?

Keep in touch with more stories soon…


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