Happy ending of the writer’s block (or whatever you want to call it)


Quite a long time without writing…

When you willingly decided to have a life organised around written words, every writing adventure shapes the days of your life. Your so-called free time is in fact dedicated to gathering impressions and images of the new articles and the busy active time is made up of polishing over and over again your words. Sometimes, you might even dream about your next topic. And this is not always the easiest task in the world.

The last 12 months were for me very busy, especially in terms of travel and writing, with a lot of new projects in the making and professional challenges, all connected to the same big professional loves: travel and writing. But having a blog means much more: networking, marketing, a lot of PR and many social activities that helps you give a face to your punctilious work.

There is something I always tried to avoid in my intensive writing life: getting overwhelmed by the writing tasks and ending up not enjoying the very simple act of staying in the front of the white page. Turning myself into a writing robot, an efficient one but not a very happy one though.

At the end of December and the beginning of January I spent a gorgeous time in my favourite place in the big world: the sunny bubbling Israel. (Lots of travel stories coming up in the next days and weeks, I promise…) When you are more than a traveller and a tourist, the feelings are different and the mood changes. You are not longer an expat, a foreigner, but you feel at home, and your life finally does not need a translation.

These are intensive experiences, worth trying them once in a while, but when you are back to your other normality, you need time to select and process all the information, feelings and decisions. Putting them down on paper does not help that much so the best is to just take a little break, read a book, focus on other writings and wait quietly when ready enough for the next travel and writing adventure.

This moment has finally come now, after more than a month of quietness and the blog is back to the real travel and writing life. For the next weeks, it will be mostly focus on the last year travels, while I am getting ready to plan the next legs of my European journeys and much more diversified content.

The writer’s block is finally over, the blog is back!

Happy travels everyone and keep in touch with good travel news!