Five places I cannot live without

I am so addicted to travel that my (secret) plan is – not to conquer the world, calm down – but to see this world at least once. Thus, when it comes to finding a new travel destination I would rather pledge for going to a place I never been before. However, there are a couple of places where I left a bit of piece of my heart and where I am always ready to go once again. And again, and again…

When both lovely ladies Kasha from Lines of Escape and Dorothée from The Touristin challenged me to be part of the campaign Top Destinations to go There initiated by, I made a bit of order into my thoughts and here there are my five places that I’m happy to know. Ask me in one year time and maybe the list will slightly change, who knows?

1. Tel Aviv, Israel

tel aviv

When I cannot stand the cold and I am starving for good food and the Babel of languages and beautiful people and the sea, I know where I want to be: in Tel Aviv. Taking a chair close to Lalaland beach bar, ordering a glass of red wine and watching the waves is all I need for relaxing, feeling happy and carefree.

2. Jerusalem, Israel 


When the sea and the sun from the city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv, are not enough, I love to get lost in the maze of streets of Jerusalem. Every stone has so many stories to tell and feeling part of the big story makes you feel humble yet privileged to have the opportunity to be there.

3. Potsdam, Germany


Less than one hour away from Berlin there is a jewel city of Potsdam. Although very crowded with tourists all round the year, there are enough palaces and gardens where to get lost at your own pace. Add to the cultural and historical layers a lot of foodie temptations and some hills to practise hiking every Sunday and you have the full picture of a place where you would love to come back over and over again. Its advantage is that it’s equally charming in winter and summer.

4. Llandrindod Wells, Wales


I discovered Wales during my stay at Llandrindod Wells, and from the natural landscape to chic and affordable hotels and welcoming people, I instantly decided that I should come back as soon as I can.

5. Paris, France


I don’t care how often I’ve been or I plan to be in Paris, I will never have enough of this city. This is not only the beautiful opportunity of speaking nothing else but French, but the happiness to be in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. One of my medium-terms plans is to spend two full months there, trying to live as Parisiens do! Wish me a lot of good luck!

Now, that you know my secret 5 places, it’s time to find out where other travel bloggers are revisiting every time and again.

My five nominations – one of the lucky bloggers part of this promotion can be a lucky winner of an iPhone 6 – are:

Vlad, from Eff It, I’m Holiday

Jens, from Vagabond’s Log

Ali, from Travel Made Simple

Stephanie, the Lady from the Zoos

Colleen from Ad-lib traveller

Good luck to all who entered the competition and a week full of nice travels everyone!






16 thoughts on “Five places I cannot live without

  1. Hi Ilana, so lovely choices you made. I would want to visit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem one day and Llandrindod Wells looks simply fantastic. Potsdam and Paris are both places to visit over and over again. Safe travels 🙂 See you soon.

  2. I never made it to Potsdam when we were in Berlin. I wanted to wait until I could go in spring or summer, so I’ll get there eventually. I think my 5 are Istanbul, Berlin, just about anywhere in Italy, southern Spain, Thai islands.

  3. Great post, I hope I can visit Israel one day too! Thank you for the nomination, I will try to write it by Friday 😉

  4. Great choices… I always wanted to visit Israel, It might take a while now with all the political problems… lucky you 😀

  5. WOW, great choices and thanks for the nomination. I have to admit my list right now might not be even close to the same after my big trip next spring!

  6. Thanks for the nomination Ilana, great choices, I’m with you about Berlin! I’ll have a go at putting my own list together 🙂

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