Hotel Review: Ibis Budget Hotel Regensburg


Once in a while, I decide that I don’t have too much time to spend in a hotel, and go instead more for covering my destination. With my intensive travels for my project ‘100 Places to See in Germany’, I am decided to try and test as many alternatives as possible, especially in terms of accommodation. For my trip to Regensburg, for instance, I booked Ibis Budget Hotel Regensburg, described as being around ’10 minutes away from center’. Besides the price, the location, preferably close to the center is what I am looking for, as for my short stay in town I need to stay somewhere close to the center in order to make everything easier.

However, after arriving in town relatively late I discovered that the hotel is in fact ’10 minutes away’ only if you drive from highway, probably my fault for not checking in detail the location. Although the hotel is nice and the personnel is welcoming, walking on your own through an area with parked tracks, especially in the evening, is not the kind of adventure you might be interested in. In addition, the buses connecting this area – the industrial area of the city – to the rest of the town, are coming once the hour in weekend, and every 30 minutes during the week. In the hotel lobby, there are information about the bus program, as well as various leaflets about events taking place in town so your life can be easy although feeling at the end of the world.


The investment in the lobby or the halls leaving to the rooms was minimal. The entrance in the rooms, as well as in the hotel after a certain hour is done with a code you receive upon arrival, that does not need keys to be processed. The double room has superposed beds, quite comfy, with pieces of furniture matching the colour on the walls. Everything is clean, and there is separate toilet from the little shower cabin. The Internet is provided for free and was working relatively well. There is no closet, but only a couple of hangers.

The breakfast is not included in the price of the room.



Ibis hotels are ecologically friendly, and small smart looking devices are placed near the bed for controlling the energy consume in the rooms. In comparison with other hotels I’ve stayed in Germany, the room has air condition, which is quite an achievement in my opinion.

With the final World Cup match coming to an end, I’ve learned that I should appreciate being located that far away – around one hour, especially due to the bus schedule – from the central area. Everything was quiet, and the cocktails of enthusiasm for celebrating Germany’s victory in soccer ended up as soon as it started. As the next day I leaved the hotel early in the morning, I kept at least the memory of a quiet sleep that prepared me for the long tour of the city.

For more insights from the hotel, check the dedicated Pinterest board:

3 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Ibis Budget Hotel Regensburg

  1. Nice!! My husband is from Regensburg and all his family lives there 🙂 I really liked your idea of 100 places to see in Germany! I would love to do that with Brazil, my home country. 🙂

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