Another good blogging news: Versatile Blogger Nomination

blogAfter being nominated for Liebster Award a couple of weeks ago, I recently received another good blogging news: My blog was mentioned by Stephanie, writing for Lady of the Zoos, for Versatile Blogger Nomination!

What a wonderful news and I am very thankful to Stephanie for this honour!

Versatile Blogger nominations are made taking into account the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered and the popularity enjoyed by the writers.

The main rule of the Versatile game are:

Thank the person who nominated you

Share 7 things about you

Exploring the mines in Goslar, Germany

Exploring the mines in Goslar, Germany

1. Since my early college years, I always wanted to write. The passion for words started after reading Virginia Woolf’s diary and never left me. However, I never studied journalism and literature, but Political Science and History.

2. Learning and practising foreign languages is a big passion of mine, that goes together well with my love for travel and discovering new places, histories and cultures.

3. I’ve learned how to cook relatively late in life, but since I am keen to experience new tastes and recipes. One day, will do a proper cooking schooling, I promise! Till then, I have every week a new cooking challenge – and this goes on even when I am on the road.

4. Travel was part of me personal history from my early life: not only that we moved very often from a town to another, but also tried to see the nice and interesting place of every town, although at the first sight the place was looking appealingly boring. I am grateful to have been taught that boredom is a matter of wrong perspective.

5. At a certain point in my life, I decided to give up relatively successful business and academic careers for taking a different, more adventurous path. I am thankful for the opportunities I was offered and I tried to learn as much as possible from my experiences. I don’t preach anyone to do the same, but to simply find out what he or she is really enjoying to do every day and find a way to reach this aim.

6. I am the clumsiest person when it comes to sports. My mother, of blessed memory, insisted that I take tennis classes, but after 3 months of failure to hold the racket correctly, my trainer advised me as politely as possible to GIVE UP! I don’t know to swim either, and the idea of me skiing from the top of the slope scares me, but I am sure that one day will put myself on trial and correct this painful situation.

7. Whatever happens in my life, I assume that ‘It’s for the best’. I was offered awesome opportunities, more than second chances and a lot of luck. And now, also blogger nominations! Can I wish for more?

– Nominate 15 bloggers

Here are my winners:

Sophie from Oohmyworld

Deia from Nomad Wallet

Amanda from Maroc Mama

Shanon from Traveling Scholar

Randi and Michael from Just a Pack

Dale and Franca from Anglo Italian Follow Us

Dave from Cook Sip Go

Clare from Monarch Butterfly Voyager

Rita from Traveling with Rita

Mariella from Bridge Keeping Traveller

Danik, the Explorer

Mel from Living in Stuttgart

Pandorra from Blogging in Heels

Aaron from ElATLboy

Aggy from Dream Explore Wander

Lots of happy travels, everyone!









9 thoughts on “Another good blogging news: Versatile Blogger Nomination

  1. Thanks so much, Ilana – I am very honored! This is a great group of bloggers, excited to be associated with them.

  2. Thanks Ilana for thinking of us two 🙂

  3. Thanks for including me, Ilana! I love trying out new recipes, too, by the way. I can’t always find what I want to eat where I travel, so cooking skills really come in handy. 🙂

    • It is my big pleasure! I love your blog posts! Recently, the food is my inspiration for more (and more travel). Right now, I am dreaming about Vietnam, for instance 🙂 To be continued…

  4. Thank you so much Ilana! What an amazing surprise!

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