Afternoon tea chez The Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg


After long hours of walking and many interesting discoveries in the city of Wolfsburg, I made my one and only long stop of the day at The Ritz-Carlton for afternoon tea followed by an extensive tour of the newly redesigned hotel. I tasted the afternoon tea in the lobby, close to the window with a view over the swimming pool, the historical Kraftwerk and the man-made created small green islands in the middle of the water. An interesting view.


I was left in the care of Dominik, who brought me everything at a very acceptable human pace. I started with a glass of delicate champagne. My non-alcoholic apple champagne was very delicious, tasty and exactly as cold as it should be for keeping the proper bubbling taste. The background music and the inside ambiance, plus the relaxing view, contributed to the creation of a feeling of peace.


The smoked Sencha tea followed next. Kept warm and poured in the cup exactly at the right time when the previous cup was almost empty. The taste has such a strong personality that I did not need any add of sugar. I slowly took my time to review my travel notes and have a look over the presentation map that was given to me, describing the latest architectural redefinitions of The Ritz-Carlton in Wolfsburg. It was the first hotel from the famous luxury chain open in Germany and till then, there is only another Ritz, in Berlin.


The star of the afternoon tea arrived: the three tiered tray. The arrangement was reflecting exactly the fine quality and style of the ingredients and pastry, in a kind of ladder aimed to diversify and amplify the gourmet experiences. The sandwiches were with antipasta, fish, cucumber and lamb, moderately spiced and with an added taste of herbs. At the second level, delicious and fresh, just back from the oven a couple of minutes ago probably, scones with orange and raisins. Accompanied with the special marmalade, they tasted even better. But the best was still to come: the chocolate, lemon and apple petit fours. Fine, special tastes, incredible combination of ingredients and unique results. The perfect balance of sweetness, that somehow matched not only the rest of the food art on the plates, but also the Sencha tea.

After such experiences of gourmet wellness, you can head to your next business meeting confident and optimist. And when travel is your business, you can feel that the whole world is waiting for you outside. It’s again that sensitive matter of taking the best of every moment.

For more insights about The Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg, have a look at my dedicated Pinterest board:

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Disclaimer: The Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg invited me to test their afternoon tea, but the opinions are, as usual, my own. 

5 thoughts on “Afternoon tea chez The Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg

  1. The three tiers look delicious!

  2. Well… Going just by looks, the one at Ritz-Carlton Berlin looks much more sophisticated. What would be your opinion on which was the better one?

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