Good bye, ITB!


Final day of the ITB Berlin 2014 today. As we had a relatively busy schedule in the morning, we arrived after 13.00. A busy time, but in one hour, some of the boots were already packed and empty. At the Deutsche Bahn, many competitions and discounts were offered. I had a stop at the machine, discretely bought a ticket to Bielefeld and joined the group. I deserve a little souvenir from the ITB, isn’t it?


I left Berlin and Brandenburg on purpose for the last day. Most of the area was already covered anyway, part of my ‘100 Places to See in Germany’, but still I missed 2-3 things that I would include in some new trips soon. 


As this year there are 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, there are some branding events preparing the celebrations, outlined at the ITB as well.


As in the last years, Poland was assigned an entire area, covering various destinations and regions. A bit hungry, we admired the century-old tradition from Fawor pastry shop, originally from Poznan.


Dear Switzerland, I know I am a little traitor, but promise to finally come back at the end of the year! For now, just a short hello from Berlin! In the neighbourhood, Lichtenstein, a country on my European list for the next months, was offering various sorts of wines for tasting.


Time to relax in the rhythm of the dance and music from Maldives. I’m not that hard to convince for a new trip, anyway.


An European intermezzo, visiting the offer of tourism from Romania, rather modest, but with many private tour operators covering various regions of the country. None really convinced me to pack and go there. 



Back to India, people were waiting in line for some Henna paintings. There were easy and fast models, not compared with the usual Henna decorations I love so much at the Moroccan or Indian weddings, but still an interesting cultural experience. 



The last shows were about to begin in other Indian areas as well, but people were relatively tired after a lot of intensive work done this week. India is a favourite destination of tourists from all over the world. 



I did not pay too much attention to Latin America, but returned again today for another tour, trying to see more offers and eventually think about what can I visit in the near future.



At all the previous fairs, I visited several times the Asian area, and this year was no different. As I was too late today, most of the boots were already empty. Korea was offering a funny good bye show, of robots moving in the rhythm of music. 

With such good vibes, I am ready for new travel adventures and a lot of new destinations to write about!

Good bye, ITB Berlin and thank you for the inspiration!


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