Bookish recommendations of the month

It is again the end of the month and time to do some bookish recommendations. Time went fast, again, but looking back, I am moderately happy with the results. A lot of trips, interesting encounters and new ideas for the even more trips.

What about reading? I am keeping a tight schedule for many books I should read for different assignment and reading projects, and I also had some books left from the last year. I still have a long list of travel books that I should finish but I will leave everything for the last month, and promise to be back with many good recommendations.

Till then, this is what I recommend to read on the road for now.

For my book club, I had to read the Theory of Opposites, by Allison Winn Scotch. It is not exactly the type of book I usually read, but it doesn’t matter too much, as it is a good book, with interesting ideas. The main question is: are or not coincidences in this life, especially in our modern life, connected 24/7 via social media. Can we really control our life or, better said, do we need to pretend that we have any kind of control over it? Willa,the main character, is trying to fight her old habit, induced by her failed Nobel prize winner father, an expert in determinism (and proudly supporting it): “Why fight if when whatever will happen will happen?”. For her, “I don’t like it when life actually becomes alive. I much prefer it in its safe, happy, comfortable space. I’m goddamm Switzerland, after all”. Sounds familiar? The good news is that nothing lasts forever and the circumstances put her in a completely new situation that she will not only succeed to manage, but also will change dramatically her perspective on life. Strongly recommended.

When I cannot travel too far away and I hate the cold outside, I dream about warmer and interesting destinations. The portrait of Malaysia, as introduced, in German, by Ruediger Siebert, seems very tempting. Taking notes and saving money for later.

I wanted for a long time to read this book by Anna Sam, Checkout. I followed her blog in French for a while and enjoyed her adventures ‘on the tills’. As we are all more or less shoppers these days, reading her experiences can help to correct the arrogant attitude and think more kindly about the people on the other side of the counter.

Once in a while, I stumble upon chic-lit which is very good for short travel, when too tired to focus on big existential problems. As long as the writing is good, what’s the problem to despite it? Its writing requires an equal amount of time and dedication as any other type of books. The choice for this month was Botox diaries, about the (crazy) American posh life of women trying to keep young, the fashion addictions and adventures. For the traveler, there are descriptions of NYC and mentions of posh restaurants. 

That’s all for now. I received a lot of good books lately and I should hurry up to read them till the end of the next month!

Happy reading everyone!