Expat life: 5 activities if you don’t celebrate the winter holidays

The expat life has ups and downs, satisfactions and frustrations, moments when you feel happy in the company of complete strangers or completely lost and deeply missing your familiar environment. Far away from home and your dear ones, you may feel alone and sad and missing your old life.

The holiday season, regardless of the holidays celebrated, can create a lot of problems if you have different traditions.But this is not the right attitude.

Especially for this time of the year, I found up a couple of activities that might help you to go smoothly through the next days.Image

1. You should keep your optimism high and think that most probably, you are not alone! Find out other like minded people and get together. Cook something, make a little party or share a good wine. Time will move faster and you will have around you people like you! Fair enough to fight loneliness of the life abroad, isn’t it?

2. Take the advantage of some time only for yourself and read! A couple of days in advance, go to a library and pick up some books that will keep you a good company for the next days. If you rather like your Kindle, you can buy any time what you are interested in reading. Now it’s the best time of the year to enjoy reading a full book the day. Or even more, if you are a fast reader. Not too many temptations online as many are away celebrating, most shops are closed – at least in Germany – so no temptation to go shopping and everything is quite enough to inspire you to enjoy every page of the story. Mysteries and long novels, especially historical ones, are strongly recommended.

3. If you are rather the visual type, you have now the chance to watch movies for hours at home or at the movie theatre. Alone or with the friends or family, you can get updated with the latest movie releases of the last months.


4. Time for a one or two-day trip or for a long walk in some hidden places in the city or to the countryside. This is what I am planning to do at least this Wednesday. I will prefer some secluded places in the city, that I am not tempted to visit usually because too much work to do in the busy areas.

5. Last but not least: rest! No one will call you to work, everyone is busy to wrap or open presents and you can enjoy a full day or two of rest, sleeping for good hours as much as you want. When you wake up, you will have enough energy to set up your plans for the next 12 months.

Wherever you are, don’t feel alone! Plan your time in advance and try to get the best of your time! Enjoy your free days and don’t forget to smile, even if no one around!


2 thoughts on “Expat life: 5 activities if you don’t celebrate the winter holidays

  1. Nice of you to be thinking of the many, many lonely people, Ilana – especially those who might be in places far away from “home” and family. I agree: keeping active is the answer. Spoil yourself! Watch those videos and read and eat. Very good advice.

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