What I am doing in Vienenburg?


I’ve heard the first time the name ‘Vienenburg’ when I visited Quedlinburg a couple of month ago, my first ever visit in the Harz area. As very often I love going in the mountains, I was thinking that it can be a good destination for a pleasant autumn hiking. The day before the trip, I checked online other travel possibilities around and early in the morning, I decided that we can also run a bit by train to Goslar, which is around 15 minutes away from there. It showed to be a good decision, as there were not too many opportunities for spending a whole full day in Vienenburg. The main attraction is the railway station, the oldest preserved in Germany, but the museum was closed on Sunday so did not have any other option, but to take a walk around for one hour or so. Image

As many other places in the Harz region, Vienenburg has a mining tradition that reached its end in the last decades. Nowadays, tourism seems to be the main source of local revenue. There are many small hotels and pensions or simply rooms to rent offered. The whole area was extremely quiet, and in that sunny Sunday autumn morning, there were not too much action on the streets. The restaurants – local German style, some Turkish and Chinese fast foods – were closed, and except us and some people walking their dogs, there was no sign of life around.


Compared to Quedlinburg, the architecture of the local houses was more elaborated, with some funny shaped windows looking like almond eyes on the upper level of the buildings. We passed by a big wild park with green grass and trees, and an impressive tennis playground. Enough for the moment: Goslar was calling and we needed time to explore a long list of objectives that we wanted to see there.



We returned in Vienenburg later in the day, after a day full of adventures in Goslar. The place was as quiet as a couple of hours before. We had enough time to make a tour of the lake, called Forres Weg, walking a path with many flowers and some lonely benches in the bushes. After so much running in the last hours, it was pleasant to enjoy the sunset with only one human presence around: a fisherman in the middle of the lake. While waiting for our train, I was thinking that Vienenburg can be a good stop for a vacation in Harz, where to start forgetting about everything annoying before starting a really relaxing holiday.

For more insights, check my visual guide to Vienenburg on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/ilanaontheroad/vienenburg-harz/

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