Safari in Tel Aviv

It’s hard to get bored in Tel Aviv: shopping, beach, posh coffees and lunch on the beach, the best coffee in the world and the most wonderful breakfast brought to you by nice smiling people. When I was told that I can even have a safari without going too far away in the wild – not that I will refuse such an opportunity, I was not sure that I understood. Maybe it was one of those subtle jokes that only a native can understand. Not this time. And once I’ve checked the details of the locations, I was immediately on the way to my Tel Aviv Safari experience.


The area of 250 acre is situated in the Ramat Gan neighbourhood. If you don’t have a car to go directly, you can arrive there by bus. From the station, you may need to walk around 10-15 minutes. In case you got lost – as I do very often – dare to ask in English and you will be kindled directed to the right way. Walking was a real pleasure, through a green area that took a bit the heat of a very hot August afternoon.


Safari means ‘journey’ in Swahili. Before embarking in the real safari experience, we made a tour of some of the local animals and watched some information about the collection, the largest in the Middle East. The courageous hen did not seemed bothered by the big residents and preferred to wander around looking for some bits of food. The Tel Aviv safari has an impressive selection of around 68 mammals, 130 fowls and almost 25 reptiles.


The trip to the safari is aimed to give not only the pleasure of discovering amazing animals, but also to understand natural life and most importantly, to respect nature and its richness. 




The big advantage of visiting the safari in August is that there are not too many people and is relatively easy to move from a part to antoher. Honestly, many will prefer to spend another gorgeous day on the beach instead of running in the heat. But we had enough water and good hats that did help to move without risking being sunburnt. The disadvantage was that many animals – especially the lions – were too tired to go out of their boxes for allowing to be seen. We did the safari tour in a mini-bus with open windows that brought us from a place to another, going fast near the cages of animals whose wilderness was considerably appeased by the temperatures of over 40 Celsius. 




As it is almost impossible to stop me when I want to see something, I enjoyed the entire trip for more than 2 hours and offered myself as a reward gorgeous fresh lemonade later in the evening on Dizengoff. Enjoying the fresh breeze of the evening, I enthusiastically encouraged my friends to go as soon as possible to a safari. After all, this is where you can go when going to a real one in Africa is almost impossible (for now). 


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