When everything fails, try a (new) cake


I travel life is not always easy and especially if one things to be a writer for life, any big or small changes of the schedule can be very annoying. Honestly speaking, I don’t like sudden changes, I have always a daily schedule that I try as much as possible to respect and even can offer myself some extra tasks when everything is already done. But, from time to time, things can get out of control, programs can be changed and assignments cannot be followed any more. Call it the human factor, or more simply, life.

But I never keep saying, more than once: ‘It is all for the good’. When I can’t travel for a while, for different reasons, I try to see what is left to write about in my town. Or try to finish various writing projects delayed for weeks or even months. Or read a new book. And learn a language or insist to improve my German. Or take a tea class – already done, watch out to read my tips soon. Or, when I really feel down and without energy, I should rather try to have a cake in a fancy place. 

As things cannot be good all the time, I bet there is always a limited amount of time when unexpected bad things can occur. In a short time, I may understand how in fact ‘it is all for the good’. And plan my new travels.

For now, I am happy the weekend is only a couple of minutes away, I sip my strong Turkish coffee, and get ready to use my new collection of notebooks, matching perfectly my love for nature and forests and zoos. 



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