On the road with MeinFernbus


With the prices of trains sky rocketing from a year to another, the bus transportation is an affordable opportunity in Germany, for long or short distances, for addicted travelers and tourists or for families. Compared with the train policies, the buses don’t offer (yet) discounts to regular customers and it may take longer to go from a place to another, but when the budget is limited and the hunger for trips big, the bus is the easiest way to turn your dreams into travel reality.

In the last years, many bus companies were created in Germany, and operate at regional or country level. MeinFernbus developed an extended network created in around 3 years of service and operates routes more than once the day. Thus, if you want to return the same day, most probably you can do it with a decent timing too. The perfect solution for one-day travelers as me.

The reservations can be done and paid online (PayPal is also accepted as a payment method), and the prices are more than affordable. The average investment is of around 50 Eur. pro person, two-ways. You can eventually find a good price on Deutsche Bahn, but not on a regular basis and for sure not from a day to another. Upon arrival the bus tickets are checked on a nerdy looking electronic device and in case that you forgot to print your ticket, you still can get your place with any identification document. 

During my 3×2 trips with their buses, I loved a lot the warm welcome on board and the polite bus drivers, plus the clean chairs and restrooms. You can use freely the WLAN on board with a good speed. The only problem that may be encountered in some cases is the lack or scarcity of plugs for recharging the computer. Each time I went with a different type of bus. The one from Bayreuth that arrived via Zuerich, for instance, was a double-decker bus, with tables and enough spaces to rest your feet. 

When you buy your ticket, you leave your cell phone and thus, in case the bus is later, you will be announced by SMS at least one hour in advance about the inconvenience. I was lucky enough to be twice earlier back to Berlin than expected though.

I will open heartily recommend to anyone interested to discover Germany by bus, for the technical performances and the green policies and the facilities on board, but first and foremost for the professional customer service. You can also find English speakers to offer a basic help and assistance. 

MeinFernbus kindly supported my trips to Bremen, Heidelberg and Bayreuth, part of my project ‘100 Places to See in Germany’. The opinions are, as usual, my owns. 


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