Little fashion and make-up tips for the road

Fashion and travel can go very good together, not only when it comes to purchasing the latest accessories. It has to do a lot with the way one looks and take care of herself. 

Every time I travel, I have with me some basic accessories that I cannot live without and some that I discovered at a late date that are very useful in my travel bag. 

Let’s have a look of what I am preparing to take with me to London and Wales:ImageI discovered Anastasia Beverly Hills back in my corporate life and I loved not only Anastasia’s amazing love story, but also her 5-element brow kit. It’s a high quality product and very easy to use, even for a clumsy person as me. It is that kind of product that once you found it you will be the most trustworthy client for the rest of your life.ImageI am also using regularly everything Ahava has produced in terms of body care especially their mud masks. For my adventures on the road I prefer to use the samples that can be easily carried without bothering the vigilance of the airport controllers. Image

A couple of months ago, I discovered via social media Beecology. Healthy made in the US products that I am happy to carry with me all the time. The lipbalms are very efficient and easily create a good dependence – especially the honey balm made primarily of bees wax, coconut oil, shea butter, propolis extract, honey and natural honey flavor. The hand and body creams are very rich and give a special skin texture.  


The list of basic maintenance products may vary from a trip to another. I need to have a good face cleanser, a mask, to keep my skin hydrated day and night. Especially during the summer, the list is longer, as the sun is not the skin’s best friend and extra protection is always needed. Especially if I am expected to be on the road the whole day, I should spend minimum 30 minutes each evening taking care of my skin and I need to have a minimal choice with me. Otherwise, I do have a look at the local market and love to buy new products. I did with a great pleasure in Japan – Shiseido products there are completely different and much diverse than the offer available in Europe – in France or Italy. German products are mostly reliable at affordable prices so it is no risk to use them regularly.ImageThe basic make-up may change from a season to another or from an occasion to another. The list of the bare necessities keeps constant: I like to have a little bit of colour around my eyes, a good eye liner – waterproof as the mascara, as very often I forget or simply don’t like to carry an umbrella with me – a decent colour of nail polish – always – and lipstick if I go to a restaurant or a visit in town. I don’t need too much space and I can carry them in my bag. I need a modest simple line that make me feel as a well kept lady. ImageThose tea tree wipes are very efficient and easy to carry. They clean very well the dust accumulated during the day as well as the serious make-up painted in the morning. 

A little bit of colour always bring a good mood! Happiness can be made of a lot of little small beautiful things. 

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