A little bit of shopping in London. And something more

If one will ask me if I already finished all the museums, sophisticated exhibitions, boutiques and top attractions in London and what I am left is to visit Harrods and Harvey Nichols, I will answer innocently that I’ve hardly seen 5% of the city. Most probably I will discover another 0.25% the next week when I will spend some time in the city. I am no more the shopping girl I used to be and I dearly miss the right company for a serious shopping session in town. But true is that I am not snobbish enough to refuse to have a little look at some of the big shops when I don’t have anything too heavy on my travel agenda. One month ago, I spent some time in the area, first and foremost for a discovery of the different world of fruits and vegetables, but also to see the latest products from some of my favorite brands that I cannot find in my part of Europe. ImageThe first stop: Harvey Nichols for a little tour of the food court. But till I arrive at the fifth floor I could not resist to see what’s new in Anya Hindmarch’ shop.Image

And there were some things since the last time I’ve been there. But I better go to the next floor.ImageThe passage from a floor to another was relatively easy. As flying on a cloud with many shoes. It was a dream, isn’t it?Image

Finally, I arrived at my destination and did a careful check of the latest local products, the menu of the restaurant and some other nice objects that will make my life in the kitchen a summer afternoon dream. ImageAt less than 15 minutes distance, there were someone waiting for me at Harrods so I hurried up to be in time. The next hour was spent not only admiring the new and colourful fruits and fashion boutiques – presenting the autumn/winter collections mid-July – but also for observing the art deco ornaments.   ImageAfter a lot of walking and talking and walking again, what can be better than a cup of champagne ?


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