Traveleyes, a different kind of travel company

Traveleyes is a completely different travel company. Of course it offers a lot of tours and international experiences of discovering the world. But, their usual customers are, according to their own presentation “blind/visually impaired and sighted travellers, journeying together in a spirit of mutual independence”. An amazing idea that gives a lot of hope to those facing such life challenges.

Traveleyes was founded in 2004 by award-winning blind traveller, entrepreneur and TV/film director, Amar Latif, with a determination to make the world a more accessible place for visually impaired people. Being 95% blind himself from the age of 19, he had already encountered many frustrating restrictions when attempting to fulfil his own world travel aspirations. Thus, he open the way for establishing the right of blind people to travel with freedom, independence and flexibility. Now, nine years later, and continuing to expand the unique range of multi-sensory travel experiences, Traveleyes is the world leader in blind and sighted travel, outlines the company. Latif has been the recipient of numerous awards, including: ‘The Outstanding Young Person’ of the world (T.O.Y.P. award), Business and Entrepreneurial, 2005. (Chamber of Commerce International (JCI).

How Traveleyes works

“The average Traveleyes group consists of around eighteen people, half of whom are visually impaired and half are sighted. Every day, each blind traveller is paired with a different sighted traveller, ensuring that everyone soon gets to know everyone else in the group. With travellers joining from a wide range of countries, this proves a relaxed and positive way for everyone to make new friends from all over the world!

All of the holidays packages include the services of a professional Traveleyes Tour Manager, who travels with the group to ensure that everything runs smoothly, right from the initial group meeting at the departure airport, to the moment the group lands upon our return. If required, the company can offer connecting flights from the customers’ nearest regional airport in their home country. The Tour Managers are experienced and offer unique and extensive expertise both prior to and during the holiday, so travellers can simply relax and enjoy!”

For the Visually Impaired Customers

It is another reason for being thankful to live in the 21st century: “The customers from this category can simply browse the fully accessible website or listen to the audio brochure, book the holiday of their choice and then jet off into the wide blue yonder”.

For the Sighted Customers

The sighted traveller will travel with a group – aged from 18 to 75 -, at a discounted price, to a destination of choice. The traveller will be part of an integrated group of sighted, visually impaired and blind travellers. This is a pro-active way to meet new people and make friends for life. During the trip, the sighted people are a friend, fellow holidaymaker and guide, but not a ‘carer’. Each day, sighted travellers are paired with a different blind/visually impaired person so that everyone gets to know everyone in the group. Some feedback and videos about such an experience are available on their website.

Where to go

Traveleyes, in collaboration with Lonely Planet, supplies electronic text formatted versions of the original Lonely Planet range of travel guide publications, specially formulated for blind and visually impaired use. With the aid of these, blind and partially sighted travellers are able to flick through their electronic guide faster than their sighted colleagues are able to do through a print version.

Holiday destinations offered by Traveleyes in 2013 include: Cuba, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, USA Southern States, Iceland, Peru, Austria, India and China, plus cruises in Egypt and from New York to the Caribbean. New destinations are added to the range throughout the year and full details and itineraries are always available at: The group departures are usually from UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Much more information is available on the website of the company

Those interested to be kept up to date with the latest news and holiday opportunities, can sign up for their newsletter



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