Ilana is ready for a(nother) one day trip

I am ready for another one day trip, part of my beloved Project 100 Places to See in Germany during which I will try to discover as much as possible from a lovely German city.  I am up two hours in advance, in order to finish some of my work too, but what I am going to take with me?

Let’s see:

– I never leave without my camera, my notebook, a pen and my cell. At least once it happened to forget my pen but was creative enough to use my smart phone as a notebook. For the camera, I want to be sure that the batteries are charged and there are no pictures left from the last photo session.

– The other batch of necessities is made of: my press card, my ID, my ticket and my credit card. As in Germany the bank transfer taxes are outrageous, I try to have some cash with me in case that will not find an ATM of my bank. 

– Now it is a lovely summer and today there will be at least 30C, but the weather may be unpredictable so I try to do not forget: an umbrella, a denim jacket and eventually some head coverage when will stay too much outdoors.

– The last part of the packing is very subjective, and part of the lady’s closet: a natural lip balm from Beecology (my latest addiction), some wet napkins and liquid soap, a box of Tic Tac. A bottle of water and eventually 1 sandwich will add more weight to my luggage. 

– Unless I am waiting for the project of my life, I don’t carry the computer with me. Instead, I try to take the best advantages of the free time and always have a book – or two. This time, I plan to read during the 3-hour trip the Slumdog millionaire. In case I did not have time to document enough my next trip, I would try to do it during the bus or train connection adding to the luggage a local guide. 

I am almost done. I need to finish my coffee now.Image