Interview of the week: Mama Isa about cooking and travel

Cooking is a relatively new passion, but I also loved to travel and thus, when I find good opportunities both for travel and learning to cook I wish I have enough time and resources to spend my life in a kitchen in the middle of a nice cute location in the middle of nature. But I only wish and write about my wishes. Some were able to achieve this dream. 

I discovered the wonderful work that Mama Isa is doing on Facebook and Twitter and decided to dare to ask her an interview. With a strong academic background, she decided to spend her life cooking and helping people to learn how cook. Let’s read some of her advices and stories!


You are historian by background. How did you decide to make history in the kitchen? 

I spent five years at University of Venice and ended up with a B.S. degree in History (but during the years at University I worked like a cook in a pizzeria / restaurant). 
I have bounced a little from career to career, variously in the world of history and historical research; but always wound up back around “cibo” (food), because I had -and have –  a great passion for cooking – inherited from my family!!!  
My friends convinced me to open a small homey cooking school for travelers coming to Italy (and I also opened a small and secret closed-door restaurant, an “anti-anti restaurant”…. because I offer dinner parties in my home which people love to eating homemade food). And so my current goal is to share my cooking experience with the travelers. 

A sharp knife to cut the fresh egg pasta

What is your favourite recipe? 

It’s hard to decide my favorite recipe….. but anyway I love the traditional home cooking. I love in particular the art of pasta making in the traditional way (only with a wooden board, a long special rolling pin for homemade pasta, and a sharp knife to cut the fresh egg pasta). 
What is your secret lesson of Italian cooking class? 

Maybe the concept of my cooking classes. I offer or one day or more days or more weeks: the cooking class would involve completely hands-on participation (not only demonstration) by students from start to finish and the students would participate at their own workshop. At the end of the lesson the students taste the fruit of their cooking work.  

Another secret is the location. I provide the cooking class not at the cooking studio but at my home: a unique concept for a new type of homey cooking school. The travelers and the cooking students can live a unique experience: feel the Italian local culture, learn the Italian Traditional Home Cooking, live the Italian hospitality, and spend a day (or more days) with my family and me at my home. And I almost forgot: the students receive step-by-step my personal attention, no more than six students per class. 
What one can expect to learn at the end of a cooking class Mama Isa? 

If you are coming here expecting one of the top Italian meals of your life, you’re likely to be disappointed…. I do hope that we serve good and healthy Italian Regional food and that people enjoy it, and live a unique experience, because I enjoy and sharing the traditional family’s recipes with my customers. Another important thing: I offer a wide range of cooking classes, so it’s easy to find a perfect menu, adapted on own taste.  

A different kind of cooking classes 

Why may someone book a class? 

Maybe the concept of my cooking classes: 1- the location (at my home, not in a cooking studio!), 2- small classes (max. 6 people), 3- a wide range of cooking classes, 4- lessons completely hands-on and from scratch, 5- my availability about the menu!
What kind of customers do you usually have?

 Italian food lovers, foodie travelers. My cooking classes are customized for each student; the cooking students would learn how to cook the specific dishes they requested. The level of cooking instruction would vary depending on whether the student was a novice cook, a seasoned / professional cook / chef. 

What are the languages of the classes? 

The cooking classes are taught in English and in Italian. 
When is the busiest season? 

My cooking classes are upon request and for travelers, all the year, from Monday to Sunday. Maybe the busiest season is spring, and summer. 

The challenge of the pasta making classes

For how many time in advance should a reservation be made? 

One-two months before the date (a reservation is useful to book the class in advance, and so the customer is sure about the availability). But often I am available upon request today for tomorrow (if I have spot available, of course!!!!). 
What was the most challenging class for you by far? 

I don’t know….. maybe the pasta making class (not for me, but for my students), because I love the art of pasta making in the traditional way (not with a pasta machine, but only with a wooden board, a long pasta rolling pin, and a sharp knife!)


Find out more about what Mama Isa is doing at:

Her website:
or her blog
or her Facebook page
on the Google Page
or on twitter


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