Ideas for a trip in Emilia Romagna

I love to travel a lot in Italy, because I love to practice my Italian and to be part of the ambiance bursting of energy of both the cities and Italian countryside. I like to see people enjoying their lives and happy without too many reasons. When it comes to Italy, the experience may be different in the North and in the South, sociologically and economically speaking, but overall, I always felt the good mood of every morning that starts just because.

I am not that good when it comes to planning my holidays, because I love spontaneity, but maybe other people are not like that. A couple of days before, I started to get more interest in the opportunities offered by Emilia Romagna – they have a great presence on social media, by the way – and was immediately offered some answered to my questions related to diverse opportunities for spending a good and unforgettable time in this part of Italy.

Why Emilia Romagna

At the first sight, this name might not tell too much to the visitor not used with Italy, either European or from far away. Situated in the Northern part of Italy, with Bologna as its regional capital city, this is considered one of the richest and developed areas of the country. The standard of life is high, the universities are highly appreciated and the cultural and tourist activities abound. Well, when it comes to Italy, wherever you go there are billion of things that are interesting from the cultural and tourist point of view, so this last point is no news in fact.

Tips for families with children

When you go on vacation with your children, the museums, exhibitions and other highly cultural opportunities may not be the best idea for spending your time together.

Instead, you can try the aquatic parks from the Adriatic coast. There are plenty of opportunities for any age and, at a certain moment, you can run a bit to Ravenna for curing your cultural addictions. For more excitement, one can try to spend time in at least 2 of the 10 popular adventure parks in the Apennines. If you don’t have any problem with highs, you can offer yourself and to your children the luxury of a panoramic view of Rimini, from the top of the wheel!

Who does not like food, especially the children. A tempting offer might be to do the tour of ‘flavours museums’ and visit around 19 centers dedicated to the past and present of products delicately called: vino, prosciutto, parmigiano, balsamico. Who does need a translation?

Continue your journey with a visit at the House of the Butterflies, hosted at Cervia’s Pine forest. A free guide is included as part of the admission ticket. 

Learning arts in the country of arts

Many art lovers would love not only to know more about arts but also to have their own direct artistic experience. In Emilia Romagna there are some good options to improve your artistic skills, regardless of your previous experience in this domain. At Koko Mosaico, in Ravenna, you can learn the secrets of the mosaique, an apparently easy art but that needs a lot of efforts and  hard work. As for me, I would be more interested in ceramics, as I did long time ago some self-thought experiences. I would rather go for the classes offered by the International Museum of Ceramics. 

Learning Italian on vacation

Either you read or not Eat, Pray, Love, you might be interested to spend your time learning with native speakers. I’ve seen a lot of books and blog posts about how to get the best linguistic skills in less than one month and never tried it. Spain, Latin America and Italy are destinations for such experiences and once in a lifetime one passionate about languages should try it. The recommendations for this part of Italy (a country with a lot of differences in terms of linguistic subtleties) are ALCE Italian Language classes or ARCA. Both are situated in Bologna.

Last but not least, cooking

I am not familiar with the offer of French cooking in various regions of France, but for Italy, I read regularly about a new project and a new tourist opportunity. The result of the competition is a lot of innovation and excellent ideas, both in terms of the menu and of the facilities. 

Take, for instance, the opportunity to learn how to prepare icecream! With a real internship opportunity? Anyone not interested? If you are more the ‘old style’ and want to learn some basic bread making and other Bolognese recipes, Vecchia Scuola can be an interesting option. In Albinea, an enthusiast team of chefs created La Spazio Torricelli that looks interesting not only in terms of menus, but also as a creative and design-oriented space. Casa Artusi from Forlimpopoli looks as a big factory of people cooking and sharing recipes and most probably it goes quite well for groups of cooking enthusiasts. 

More tips about cooking classes and schools in Bologna are available here


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