A little taste of Belize

Situated on the Eastern Coast of Central America, Belize was extremely in fashion when people were waiting the end of the world while misreading the Mayan calendar. A former British colony, it has not only several dozen of islands – among them the famous Isla Bonita – and coral reefs included on the list of UNESCO’s heritage, but also museums, a good Caribbean food and a surprising list of activities for every age.

In the administrative capital of Belize City the visitors will be invited to discover the colonial past but also make a tour of the bars and restaurants and a shopping tour. Besides the usual fashion brands, there are many small shops selling traditional handmade objects and clothing objects. For more cultural activities, visit Dangrica where the Garifuna culture is strongly represented.

The Mayan temples are spread all over the islands, some of them are still hidden and wait for the archaeologists to discover, including in Caracol, an important capital city of the Mayan culture. If you love chocolate, you may try a big bit of the products prepared following the traditional Mayan recipe. The food is healthy and the life on the islands is not only easy, but also close to the nature. For those who are not interested in spending their stay in a classical hotel, there it is possible to find out home stay programs that will open the window to the heart of the local people. 

A journey to Belize suits the high-end and middle class tourists, including family with children and honeymooners. You may find secluded beaches, a natural landscape that invites to adventures – scuba diving for beginners and experiences divers as for instance Chasbo’s Corner or the South Water Caye (where you can see sharks and turtles), caves – the most extensive caves in Central America are in Belize, reef atolls – Belize’s barrier reef is the longest in the world, 185 miles, and even helicopter adventures and transfers

The most important thing after you read this is not to believe me but to try to check carefully my words. 


Source: www. lonelyplanet.com



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