How Air Malta sees the world in the next 6 months


It is summer time and it is time for vacation. And even if it is not summer time, the weather in Malts is always pleasant. If you have enough of the grey weather in Germany, why not packing and taking the first flight to one of the Maltese treasures? For the German tourists, we tried to find out the latest news from Air Malta.


1. What are the biggest challenges for Air Malta in the next 6 months?

The fluctuation in fuel  prices; the Euro zone crisis; the aim of the airline to reduce costs and increase revenue through commercial initiatives

2. What do you offer new to your customers this year? Do you have any new destinations opened to the public?

From Germany to Malta we don’t offer new destinations. However, from Malta we do increase capacity to Russia by 50% and add flights to Tripoli. As of the end of October we also offer a  business class for flights from Berlin to Malta.

Furthermore throughout the year we offer various campaigns with price reductions (for instance via Facebook).

3. When is your high season?

April to October

4. What are your expectations for 2013 for the German market?

To increase traffic by 2%

5. What are the most popular destinations for the German tourists?

Air Malta operates to Malta from five German cities: Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich.



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