Open season for Jazz in Malta

Once upon a time, I used to go regularly to the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. I was just a kid with a lot of free time and enthusiasm for music. Wherever I was on a longer or shorter trip, I loved to have a taste of some quality jazz clubs and I can’t count now the number of hours I spent listening to amazing jam sessions held by more or less famous musicians. When I landed in the lovely New Orleans the first time in my life, the first thing I did after a long continental flight was to run to see the old jazz clubs and get dizzy from too much hopping from a club to another.

In the last four-five years, I did not have too many musical experiences, particularly jazz, but like in the case of bike riding, you will never forget to react with pleasure when some good music is getting through your ear. Right now, I am going through one of those periods of time when I can live without hearing any music at all – apparently, it will be impossible to imagine my life without being able to write – but I still wait for opportunities to restore my musical condition.

For the moment, I am looking for occasions and one of them may be this Malta Jazz Festival, whose 23rd edition will be held at Ta’liesse, Valetta, between 18 and 20 July. For almost 25 years, this open air festival is considered one of the main highlights in Malta’s calendar and gives an impression about the exquisite cultural recommendation that characterizes the tourism in this sunny corner of the world.

This year’s edition will be inaugurated by the Grammy winner Robert Glasper Experiment, who’s boldly playing with hip-hop, jazz, rock and R&B without paying too much attention to the limited musical categories. Gerald Clayton and his trio who will offer a unique piano experience. On Friday, the stars of the festival will be Gregory Porter – and his virtuoso voice and Vijay Iyer whose trio was awarded the 2010 Echo Award (the ‘German Grammy’) for the best international ensemble. The most important concerts of the last day of the festival will be held by the multi-Grammy award winner pianist and composer Michel Camilo who will outline once again the beauty of the jazz, latin and classical music, and the Israeli guitar player Gilad Hekselman and his band

While I was writing this article, I also listened to some of the musicians and I think that you don’t even need to be a jazz aficionado to attend at least one of the concerts. All you will get is good music that suits anyone looking to have a relaxing and unforgettable holiday. And, as in the case of ski, it is never too late to start being in love with jazz. Thus, if you would be interested to get more insights about jazz and even have a class with a famous musician, the Malta Summer Jazz Camp, an event organized for the first time in collaboration with Malta International Airport  will help to better understand this music and to practice your hobbies. 


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