Travel kit by Body Shop

Unexpectedly hit by the sudden and long-waited spring, I am trying to manage my time between long walks during the day and late evening shifts spent writing and doing the usual chores covered otherwise during the light time. 

Shopping is part of the non-scheduled activities, but my biggest excuse is that I do ground research for my posts and prepare the inspiration for new trips and photographic moments. 

As a women interested in fashion and other beautiful addictions, every time I enter a beauty shop I spend some more minutes checking the possible choices for the travel. This time, I spotted a functional travel kit by Body Shop. It contains 3 empty bottles of 80ml, and 2 of empty jars of 25 ml. I would take some shampoo, body cream, night and day creams, cleansing and a body milk too. Eventually, one may write on each bottle on a small etiquette what is the content of each bottle that may avoid the confusion of using the body milk as a shampoo or conditioner. 

All the recipients are hold in a transparent zipped bag that will definitely pass the usual airport control. It can be reused as often as possible and if carried properly, can last at least 2 years. Thus, the investment of around 8 Euro is relatively low and affordable. 

Now it is time for a new adventure in the city! Write to you soon!Image



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