With a bad head on the road

There are two big disasters that I am more than afraid to face when on the road: allergies and headaches. If the first I can relatively keep under control with healthy food and a lot of anti-stress care, the headaches are unexpected and persistent; they break my mind into little pieces and keep me away of any pleasure of the road. They come and go when they really want to.

Two months ago, when I was trying to spend beautiful time with friends and relatives in London, I was hardly able to enjoy my time. At least for a couple of hours when suddenly, after midnight, I was feeling as fresh as at 9 am. And the story goes on and on. What can you do for avoiding such unpleasant medical situations?

Here are a couple of advices:

– Even though you may go to the most exciting trip of your life, you better calm down. The pressure of the once-in-a-lifetime feeling is so strong that your fragile health system will react sooner than expected. Most likely, exactly when you need less. Take it easy, relax and sleep and prepare for your trip with a lot of energy.

– Take with you the pills that usually help you to get rid of the pain. As in many countries you cannot buy medicine for free without the recommendation of a local doctor, be sure that you have with you all you need. In my case, I never leave without painkillers and allergy pills.

– Before leaving, be sure that you have a list of the emergency services, English-speaking doctors and eventually your local embassy. When you travel with kids, that part of the preparation should not be skipped!

– A health/travel insurance is always healthy. – An extended article about this issue will be posted soon! – It may be pricey and not a good financial investment for someone travelling on a budget, but it is very important to have it especially when you go in far away countries, with high medical risks.

– Be sure that you check the weather conditions and you have with you the proper clothing. If you did not know, for instance, that it was snow in London till the last week and you want to wear your spring T-shirts, there are high risks to get a serious cold that will almost destroy the rest of your trip.

– Be careful with what you eat and drink. It is exciting to try new drinks and local foods, but more information about the ingredients may help you to avoid unpleasant situations. Especially if you are in a country whose language is unknown for you, use the advantage of living in the 21st century and carefully ‘google’ the product and find out what you will put in your mouth.

– Rest is important: as a budget traveler you don’t have too much time and you don’t know when you will be back. Thus, you want to see as much as possible in less than 24 full hours. However, you want to survive for your next trip abroad, isn’t it? Try to set up a reasonable schedule, with a list of priorities and ‘must see’ places. Use your time to relax, to peacefully look around and get into the local ambiance. You will not see ‘everything’ in one day? Relax, you’ve been there and you had your own slice of the local life.



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