Busy year for tourism in Johor

Johor is a very busy part of Malaysia, with a lot of events, mostly sport competitions, taking place all over the year. Even though it may be a little bit late for the Monsoon Surf Challenge or for the Orchid Exhibition – both held at the beginning of January – from April the busy life of those involved in the tourism sector in Malaysia is getting even busier. 

In the month of April only, there it is schedule a sailing event – Sail Malaysia Passage to the East, a golf and shoot challenge. May will bring the motocross and cubcross championship,the first in Johor. The 25th Johor International Scout Jamboree will take place at the beginning of June, a month when also a horse show is expected, in Johor Bahru. The famous local Mersing Carnival is read it ready to start on 15 August and attract local and international tourists for almost two weeks. Eventually, for two days, between 24 and 25 August you can take some free days from the carnival and run to watch the Malaysian Rally 2013 – FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship. 

One of the best opportunities for photographers is the Johor Bahru Lantern Festival, that will last for en entire month, starting with 5 September. On 15 September, Malaysia Day Carnival is a day of happiness and colours. The same month was chosen for the yearly edition of the International Triathlon.

Another recommended time of the year when the sport lovers are welcomed is November, when the hockey championship and the boat parades are scheduled. Decembers is a combination of new sport events – the shooting competition and the two fishing competitions – but also a handicraft fair and the famous street food festival. 

Johor has a lot of good connections with the rest of Malaysia and is very close to Singapore, thanks to the international airport. 


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