Get your beer reservation for Belgrade

Every traveller in Europe must have thought about the famous Munich beer festival, which is late in the autumn. However, beer is a lovely drink in Germany, and in Munich, but it’s magic goes beyond the borders of Germany. Only think about the tradition of the Belgian beers!

In the last decades, in many places in Europe special beer festivals are organized, gathering people from all over the world not only for the love of the beer, but for the various cultural happenings and events held on this occasion. One of the most dynamic cities in South-Eastern Europe, Belgrade, has its own Belgrade Beer Fest. It is held between 14 and 18 August, in Usce Park.

The festival was organized for the first time in August 2003. In the last 10 years, the festival gathered around 4 million visitors that decided to spend some time enjoying at least one of the over 70 local and international beer brands distributed.

The entrance is free and dozen of concerts are organized on each edition. At the last edition, around 70,000 foreign tourists discovered the beauty of Belgrade.

In 2005, the Independent placed the festival among the top 20 of the world events that should be seen.

In addition to the entertainment side, the festival is used as an opportunity for various social campaigns, as it is the case with support for recycling and a clean environment.   


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