French pleasures in the German thermal baths

If you plan to visit Cassiopeia Therme this summer or other pleasant locations around the Black Forest, you better upgrade your French. This is not because suddenly the historical German-French Platonic friendship become pure love, but from very practical reasons: more than 50% of the tourists during the high season are French.

This trend started since the early 2000s and as the French economy and the euro went bad, while the German economy went surprisingly good, more and more French tourists decided to cross the border looking for cheaper restaurants, professional tourist services at a convenient price. Disciplined as usual, the German market took this challenge very well, offering special packages to French tourists and introducing a lot of French into the daily language of the tourist services. 

Some of the places on the top lists of French tourists are: Baden Baden, Bad Krosinger, Freiburg, Bad Bellingen, Neuenburg, Breisach or Muenstertal. The area offers a lot of pleasures, besides the treatment and wellness cures: trips around the Black Forest, walks around the green areas and parks, views over the Rhein, Roman ruins and history. Don’t forget about the healthy food and clubbing opportunities as well as the shopping tips.

For the average German, the tourism in this area may be not as cheap as the usual inland trips during the summer, but the sooner the reservation is made, the better for the budget. Both individual and group trips are possible, for practically any age target. At the beginning, the locals were not so keen to enjoy French touch of their daily life, with a lot of loud youngsters on the streets of their otherwise quiet villages, but probably little by little they realized that this may be a good source of budget. 

Living in Europe is not as bad and at least when it comes to travel, we can enjoy a lot the diversity of our neighbourly relatives. 



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