Interview of the week: Vijay Rajendran, from the Hungry Globetrotter

When I saw that the Hungry Globetrotter was created in 2010, I wondered where have I been all this time. I discovered the concept through a guest post of the founder, Vijay Rajendran, hosted by Monica Bhide. A couple of months after I have my own interview with Vijay and I am very thankful for this opportunity!Image

Source of the photo:

When food and customs meet!

– What does Hungry Globetrotter mean?  

The company name is derived from my many years of traveling and exploring the world’s cultures, in which food and the customs surrounding it play a major role.  We strive to offer subscribers the opportunity to experience these countries via their taste buds, if they cannot board a plane and visit for themselves.

– Who was your first customer?  

After friends and family, our first customers were folks who stumbled upon us online while searching for a better way to experience delicious foods from around the world.

Southeast Asian food is on sought

– What are the most wanted products right now?  

We see a lot of excitement for Southeast Asian food, this requires many sauces and spices and requires a balance of salt and sweet and spicy.

– How it is possible to order?  

Our monthly World Dinner Club subscription plan offers members one box representing a different destination each month. The boxes are meant to serve 4 people and include ingredients, detailed instructions, photos and background on the food and locale.  People can visit our website to join very easily.

– What is the minimal amount requested?  

People can also request individual boxes if they do not want to join the monthly club.

 – Are there any geographical restrictions? 

 No. We strive to offer an extremely diverse selection of cuisine and destinations highlighted.

– Do the program operate together with other systems, such as Miles and More, Dinner Club etc.? 

 Not at this time.

A big network of partnerships 

– What partnerships do you want to conclude for the next 12 months?  

We work with a variety of partners, a collection of which is always expanding.  Here are a couple of partners that we’ve highlighted recently:

– Do you plan to have any kosher and vegan products in the future?  

We aren’t actively designing a kosher or vegan or gluten free subscription box, but many products on our web store can be enjoyed by people with very specific dietary regimens.



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