Discover El Salvador: Ruta Artesanal

When outside is very cold, even though I do not live in Antartica and it is the end of March, my mind is going far away from here, in those corners of the world where the weather is beautiful and people are happy and colourful. Right now, I wish I am in El Salvador, following the path of the Ruta Artesanal/Traditional Route. I checked the weather, there are 18C! Don’t remember how it is to feel the 18C in your life!

A traditional path

The main idea of the tours are to integrate harmoniously the visits to locals and the daily contact with the traditional culture, the discovery of the natural landscape, especially the mountains and the visits in towns where you can stay in hotels and taste the local food.

An usual route includes:

La Palma – also declared the Cuna de la Paz, or the Cradle of Peace, offers wonderful landscape from the high of 1,000 m above the sea level. The program includes the visit of local artisans from where you can buy various hand made objects. Think about returning back home with some unique accessories that will make everyone red of envy! Nevertheless,  tourism is more than a pleasant activity, but has as well a social dimension, as the visitors contribute to the well being of the community. Last but not least, the tourists will have a full taste of the local music and culture, by participating to various outdoors cultural activities.

San Ignacio is a paradise for those interested in organic farming and initiatives in the field of ecotourism. Camping, horseback riding and mountain biking are few of the activities than can be practised during the trip.

Citala means in the local language ‘Place of Stars’. A village of Mayan origin it is situated at 715 m above sea level considered a precious natural spots where you can find peace and enjoy tranquillity. 

San Sebastian is an important center of artisan tradition. One of the most famous products worldwide produced here are the colourful hammocks. Those looking to buy pottery should visit Ilobasco.  

Suchitoto is appreciated for the beauty of the colonial architecture, with many cobblestone streets, roofed houses, special porches and windows. No wonder that this city is considered the cultural capital of El Salvador. From there it is possible to pay a visit at the Suchitlan Lake, with many islands and possibilities of bird watching. 

Cihuatan is situated 37 km away from El Salvador and is the largest archaeological park of El Salvador, where you can discover the essence of the local culture and history. 

What do you think? Getting ready for an adventure in El Salvador?



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