Travel the world with a TravelSim in your pocket

When I used to work a lot and travel a lot, more than 1/4 of the costs of the trips were used to cover the bills of my roaming services. Especially when travelling outside the EU area, where special tariffs are set for the calls within the Union, paying 150 Euro after a 2-day trip was nothing unusual. And I refuse to remember about the costs of longer and busiest trips.

There are though easier solutions for a better price for your calls, and this does not suppose to simply limit your communication to Skype calls or Internet chats – when the wifi is free. Many companies are already offering possibilities to pay once for a good price that may cover more than 10 countries.

Take, for instance, TravelSim. It works as a callback service. You dial an international number from your phone and TravelSim make the connection to the number you dialed and calls you back. The call is done only through the partner networks and thus, you can save not only up to 85% of the calls, but the communication is done at the highest standards, regardless of your location. The service is available in over 190 countries. For Japan and South Korea one may be aware that a special 3G phone is needed.

If you use a smartphone – who does not nowadays? – you can easily share pictures and check your e-mail as often as you need, at a very low price compared to what the local operator can offer you.

In case that you use the phone at least once every 2 years, your money will still be there. There are two categories of cards available: for 85 Euro, respectively for 35 Euro.

Skype users can call TravelSim numbers for free; the incoming Skype call is the incoming call rate in the host country+0.15 Euro/minute. In you are in a different country, the incoming calls are usually free (the 0.15 Euro/minute).

The company is deserved by a customer service available 24/7. All you have to do is to call +372991 on your TravelSim phone and you will benefit of the guidance of a personal assistant.

The cards are sold online or via various online distributors.


2 thoughts on “Travel the world with a TravelSim in your pocket

  1. does travelsim include internet and texting? I am more of a texter but there are some calls I need to make as well as going online sometimes. what would be my best option?

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