The snow of Kilimanjaro, German editions

Germany is a very good market for tourism, because there of the good economic situation and the bad weather. Also, compared with the US, for instance, the Germans have an impressive number of holidays and are allowed to take free days and still have their job. At the latest ITB I had the occasion to find out a lot of interesting tours offered in German, in various corners of the world. I am not too familiar with the offer in other foreign languages – French, for instance – but as I’ve been at least once on a trip with a German guide I can say that I benefited of high quality services and pretty accurate linguistic guidance. 

Right now, in Germany, it is the last week of March and, at least in Berlin, there it is still snow. I am not sure how many of us would love to see snow again, but if I will be invited on a tour around Kilimanjaro I will not refuse. 

A different taste of Tanzania

Diamir is a tour agency situated in Dresden with a very interesting portfolio, covering many corners of the world, and an offer of German guides. The photo trips – Photoreisen – caught my eyes and I already ordered a catalogue to learn more about it – and hope that my camera will be back till then. 

Tanzania seems to be one of the favourite destinations of the year and many trips offered by Diamir offer the possibility to have a look at the inspiring Kilimanjaro mountain, where the 6,000 meter snowy volcano from Africa. The minimal cost of a 6-day trip goes around 2,200 Euro. A 15-day trip including Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and safari may go to 3,190 Euro. 

Those passionate about various mountain climbing in Africa are also offered trips to Mt. Meru (4566 m), Mt. Kenya (4985 m), Mt. Elgon (4321 m) in Uganda. Who would have thought that Africa is not only sand and high temperature, but also pleasant green corners? Most trips have also stops for wild life observation (chimps, lions) – in Seregenti – or trips in the famous Massai areas. 

In maximum 10 days you can have everything you want: cultural trips, great landscapes and photo opportunities, safari and mountain climbing!


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