National Geographic for Kids, inspiration for children

When you are away from home and you travel with children, you should pay attention to a lot of aspects. In comparison with adults, children rarely really enjoy the pleasure of being up at 4am for enjoying the best deal of a cheap flight to Hong Kong or to wait in the airport for a connection for 7 hours.

As responsible companions and parents, we have the responsibility to show to our little children why travel is interesting and in any case, more than a very exhausting experience. There are a couple of ways that can convince your little one that he or she is part of an amazing family and you, as parents, you deserve all the possible respect for all you do for them. In other words, your passion for travel is not only a very selfish compulsion, but will help them to better find their way in life.

Compared with years ago, there are many ways in which you can teach your children the importance of travel, the various publications released by big travel magazines being one of them. One of my favorite today is National Geographic for Kids. First and foremost, there is the same quality of articles as in the ‘big edition’, there are a lot of interesting reports about nature and many many good photos. The corner of fun staffs is so rich in ideas that most probably you would wish to read it for yourself while your little one is asleep. There are both editions – online and print – available each with its own advantages. For instance, you may find more interactive games online and the quality of pictures differ.

Thus, the next time when your little one will cry he or she does not have any fun for a new adventure, show him or her National Geographic for Kids and the sun will shine again in your family. 


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