No priority boarding for me (yet)

I am a frequent passenger of airline companies – not too much in the last year and a half, but almost compulsive since I was allowed to travel on my own. However, in most cases, I chose to travel in the most modest possible way. Of course that I had my moments of glory when I had my glass of champagne and high-end treatment even I was a teenager flying with business class Swiss Air – I was over 18, the drinking age in my corner of the world. I also have my own special requirements when I travel with kids and when I plan to spend more than 5 hours in a plane.

However, I never ever wanted to have priority boarding. When I pay my own flight tickets, not always very low cost companies, I want to enjoy fully the pleasure of travel and getting ready for boarding and moving slowly to the aircraft and then to my place. I don’t have why to run or to think about being among the first seated in the plane. At the end of the trip, we will all arrive at destination within the same time schedule. 

Unless I will not want to write about the experience of being invited to priority boarding, I don’t see myself too soon paying the price of 4 cheap coffees for belonging to such a privileged category.


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