Shopping trips, the basics

As I am preparing soon a couple of posts dedicated to the shopping trips and their pleasures, I want to outline a couple of aspects that will be of interest for anyone looking to write or advertise about such tours.

In Europe, but also in the US or Asia, the shopping trips, especially during the week-ends are heavily advertised and included in packages where you may find good airline prices, wellness options – after hours of running from a shop to another, all you need is a good massage, isn’t it – cultural choices and many other special gifts.

A tourist interested to take such a package may need to know:

– Details about the transportation from the airport to the shopping paradise. What are the best shuttle buses or rent-a-car possibilities, how much does it take, it is possible to obtain some special transportation fees extended to the travel to other tourist objectives close to the shopping area. 

– As the airline companies have special tariffs and luggage limits, the tourists need to have in mind how much they have to pay in case that their shopping list went beyond those limits.

– As many shopping malls host various shows and happenings, inform in due time your customers about what they can do around.

– A list of restaurants and their profile will always be useful, especially if some of the customers buying the shopping package have special food requirements – vegan, vegetarian etc. 

– The program of the mall and most shops, especially when it comes to the week-end when most of the shopping trips are scheduled. 

– What are the possibilities of accommodation around the shopping area and what else can be see around. Eventually, include some information for families with children or couples (including those that decided to spend their honeymoon shopping). Don’t forget about a list of clubs and disco, just in case that you have people always young at heart that may need to relax after.

– Safety information are always important, mainly when it comes to people that may have on them important amounts of money.

– What is the policy of tax refund? Where you can find the dedicated tax spots, what languages do their representatives speak, what documents you should have with you when applying? Any practical and legal details are important and in case that the information is not available in English, do your best to translate it. 

That’s all now! Keep in touch with more shopping tips soon!



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