What to take in your bag when on the road: The offer from l’Occitane

When I last left London.Stansted a couple of weeks ago, I went through another unique experience: my bag was seriously checked and two very important gifts received – an Ahava shampoo and a very special home made cream – were threw in the bin for items not permitted on board. 

Maybe I will write about my story on another occasion. I will try to focus now more on the challenges of a lady when on the road. Due to the security restrictions – nothing against them as I fully respect the idea of being as cautious as possible against the maniacs of all colours – I am not able to take with me many essential cosmetics. I usually need to buy local creams and perfumes, and take with me small samples received on various occasions. As very often I am out for small trips, it is not such a big drama and I can resist.

The good news is that there are many companies that adapted their products to the safety standards, offering special travel packages. For instance, the famous French brand L’Occitane has 2 valuable full travel sets, that can be purchased for less than 30 Euro. The products are aimed to offer the proper protection to the traveller during the winter and warm/spring-summer seasons. The winter set has a shea butter, soap, lip balm and hand and food creams, while the other one has shower and hand gels, shower oil, hand cream and almond milk.

Especially for the long journeys, the foot cream is very important. As I like my hands as fine as possible, the hand cream is the other cosmetic I cannot leave at home. The various face creams are equally important, especially when I travel in countries where I don’t what products I may trust. L’Occitane has a big variety, not necessarily affordable, but quite of good quality – I tested various hand creams in the results were always excellent, especially after the long walks in the cold. The relaxing body lotion is the aromatic end of a long day. 

The selection of soaps is very tempting, one of my favorite being the Almond delicious one: small, affordable and very efficient. The green tea and shower gel is very pleasant and practical. 

There are also products for men, as for instance the shaving cream or the shaving gel.  

If you want to shop – online – the travel products are labelled accordingly and you will make the choice without worries that your products will end up in the bin.

The search for travel sets for elegant travellers will continue. Keep in touch!


Source: L’Occitane en Provence

In case that you are a sensitive person regarding smells and your hotel room does not satisfy your tastes, the Lavender home diffuser may be helpful in making your stay bearable. 


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