Hotel review: Anchor House, London, Golders Green

On a short visit to my dear Golders Green, I had found completely randomly Anchor House London, with available rooms and a good customer service. An excellent price for 3-night stay and a five-star location for someone interested to spend most of the time in this part of London.

As I am almost a local in the area, I was able to use the excellent transportation network – bus and tube – for a very busy stay (that I will cover and my next posts). From the bed-and-breakfast hotel I was able to reach the tube station in 5 minutes, slow pace. I was also easy to take the bus to Stansted airport and to spend as much time as possible with my friends from the area.

The hotel as such is very small, located on a quiet street, with an excellent customer service. People are always smiling, and someone was always there ready to answer my questions. The free Internet is included in the price and after a couple of days I felt almost at home. The area looked very safe and did not worry to go back and forth late in the evening. Even though a tourist, you may feel as going to spend some time in a very welcoming, home-wise room. Before arrival, all my questions and worries were answered in due time and the good impression continued during my stay.

The single room is small, as it is the case with most hotels I’ve booked during my London stays. But is is smarty furnished, with a table where I was able to work for 2-3 hours, a clean bed and a bathroom with everything you need as a busy traveller. Everything was very clean and arranged with simple yet good taste.

I did not have a look at the breakfast, but it was also included in the price. But did not worry for the breakfast as there were plenty of kosher options around so no reasons for bothering.

The overall impression is very very good. Any time I know people looking to stay in GGreens, I will recommend willingly this place. As for me, if in a hurry and without a place to stay, there it is where I will love to be.


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