Danube.travel, your passport to the beauty of Central Europe

I cannot imagine my life without the online world. And the opportunities for those with a huge passion for travel are impressive because you can get the best perspectives on what and where to do and you can have in only a couple of minutes a full view of the best hotposts and options.

Among the useful tools launched at ITB Berlin, the website of Danube Travel is one of the best. The aim of the Internet page is to present the Danube as an attractive travel destination, by offering geographical and historical details, comprehensive guides and maps for each country crossed by the river. Available in German and English, it offers also the possibility of a personalized journey, just in case if you don’t have time to cover all the pleasures and surprised offered by each of the 2,8888 km. of the Danube.

The web portal also offers a lot of information about the main travel activities that can be useful in planning your trip: hiking, bird watching, biking, fishing, cruising. Through the website one can also check when it is the best time to visit certain areas and when there are most likely to be able to participate at various events and happenings.

Interesting insights for each country

In Germany, the best idea is to try to visit some of the locations situated on the Danube trail, such as Sigmaringen, Neuburg, Regensburg or Passau. Very often, the cruises are starting in Kelheim, but bike tours around Passau are also recommended, especially in the summer.

Once arrived in Austria, besides Vienna, one can follow the Danube Cycle Trail that connects the cultural richness to the natural wonders.

In Slovakia, the city of Bratislava is the most mentioned tourist opportunity, but Small-Carpathian wine tours are equally enjoyed by tourists. Hungary is happy to include many historical benchmarks, such as Visegrad, Esztergom or the mysterious Gemenc Forest, a natural treasure situated in the Southern side of Hungary.

Once you are in Serbia, one may not miss to admire the beautiful landscape from Fruska Gora and Visit Novi Sad and the neolithic site of Lepenski vir. The most famous locations in Romania are the Danube Delta and the Black Sea, but the old bath or Herculanum is also interesting. Bulgaria invites its visitors to discover the city of Ruse – that I visited and loved instantly -, Vidin and Belogratchik and the natural reserve of Srebarna.In the Republic of Moldova, the wine lovers will be delighted to go to Cricova and Milestii Mici, not only famous wine cellars, but also the largest in the world. If you have more time, don’t miss the possibility to discover the pleasures of the wellness center from Cahul.


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