What to do in Gozo

Malta’s second island, Gozo has almost the same size as Manhattan and a beautiful natural landscape. Only by looking at the pictures from various parts of the island, one may realize the actuality of Calypso’s legend. It is said that Calypso, originally from Gozo, kept Odysseus captive for years here, but most probably if true, it was not only love that made him stay for so long: everything looks pure and natural that it is hard to leave such places soon. 

What you can do in Gozo

Tourists have a lot of opportunities to spend their time in Gozo. It is an area with a high concentration of places of spirituality, but also with many opportunities for walking tours, bike adventures or for practising various water sports. Last but not least, you may have the opportunity to taste some very delicious and healthy meals. The capital city of the island, Victoria, is offering cultural and historical tours and opportunities to visit the local restaurants and understand the rich heritage of the island.

The accommodation opportunities varies from modern hotels to ecological inns, farmhouses and villas. The authorities aim to turned the island into a fully sustainable area by 2020. 

From Germany, you can arrive to Gozo with the connections made possible by Air Malta who is operating regularly flights from various locations. 

Popular tours

One of the recommended tours are:

– Gharb to Wird Il-Melah country walk – a tour around Gharb, one of the oldest village in Gozo during which the visitor will have the pleasure to admire the wonderful natural beauty of Wied Il-Melah Valley (or the salty valley). The Valley used to be a wasteland, but thanks to tremendous efforts of the local community, that received the European Destination of Excellence (EDEN) Award, it was turned into a top tourist attraction. 

– Cycling around the hills is another attraction for tourists of all ages. You may cycle close to the sea and around places with many opportunities for picnic or for nature photography. And you don’t need to carry the bikes and helmets with you, as you can hire them in one of the various renting places from Gozo.

– Kayaking will offer a completely different perspective on Gozo. Either you are an experienced paddler or you try it for the first time, there are enough hotspots for everyone. You will have the possibility to see corners that cannot see otherwise but by sea, with many hidden caves and gullies – some used long long time ago by the pirates. 

– Diving is an unique experience in Gozo, as the island is attracting more and more snorkellers and scuba-divers from all over the world. According to the experts, here you can find one of the best diving sites in the entire Mediterranean. 

– The complicated and interesting geology of the island was noticed by the passionate climbers. Gozo Climbing Association developed around 60 bolted routes that are popular among beginners and advanced climbers. Image


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