Visit US? You probably need

There are many applications that may help anyone on the road, and it is relatively difficult now  to make a right selection. I don’t have serious criteria when it comes to writing or using an app or another, what it matters is the degree of utility.

For instance, when I discovered I was disappointed that it operates only for some American cities. If you are the lucky one looking to find a restaurant in one of those cities: New York – with a special section dedicated to Brooklyn, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, Dallas, Portland, Austin, Denver, Atlanta, Philadelphia and San Diego – hoppit will help you to go to the one matching your style and your expectations. Launched in 2012, this app analyse out of thousand of  options the place with the right atmosphere for a night out or for a romantic or casual dinner.

The restaurants included on the list can be considered: romantic, cozy, hipster, intimate etc. The user is recommended if he or she can bring the kid, one of the family member, a date or maybe a business colleague. You can read the menu – and check if it is according to the dedicated budget for the day – but also find out if there is a reservation needed beforehand or if home delivery is possible. There are pictures provided of the location and of some of the most interesting corners. 

There must be similar apps in many other cities and countries in the world, isn’t it?

What apps are you using for finding a good restaurant in your city/country?


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