The famous Shard

In the last 3 days I stumbled at least 3 times upon articles about the Shard so I feel compelled to leave a short note here too.

Long ago, when I was visiting London for the first time, I instantly paid a visit to the London Eye: from the top of the wheel, trying to resist the panic attacks, I was having a look over London. As I did not wear glasses and my myopia was advancing, I saw some blurred lights – also because I was shaking of fears that maybe once in a while, the British Airways – who set up the wheel – may register a failure and I will stay on the top of the wheel for many hours or days or who knows what else. 

For a couple of time, there it is a new hotspot allowing to see the city, a less shaking one: from the Shard, designed by Renzo Piano, considered nowadays as the tallest building in Western Europe – 310 meters. The view is offered from the high of the 68th, 69th and 72 floors where the visitor is brought with two high-speed lifts. At the 72 floor one will find a 244-metre high observation deck from where it is possible to see the most famous places in London. The area covers 64 km. in all directions. 

Thanks to the ambiance music producer by London Symphonic Orchestra, you may want to stay longer. In the area of the viewing decks and at the ground-floor, the visitor is invited to update his or her knowledge about London, by having a look at the famous images of Londoners and the symbols of the city.

This is the next topic I promise to cover when going to London the next time.


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