Cheap travel in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, especially for a long-term vacation, but when it comes to transportation, there are some solutions that may save you money. 

According to

“In 2013 visitors to Switzerland will be offered a free dayʼs travel when touring by public transport. This special offer will be available to holders of a first class 4-day Swiss Pass, Saver Pass or Youth Pass travelling between 

1 February and 30 April (last day of travel: 30 April) and from 1 November to 31 December 2013 
(last day of travel: 31 December). 
The “Swiss Pass 4+1” will be on sale from all Swiss Travel System point of sales worldwide or at our Online shop from January 2013.”.

The prices are between 363 (individual pass) and 272 Euro (for passengers under 26).

The problem of transportation costs is very important when planning a trip. In many European countries, Germany included, the transportation may require a bigger budget than the flight ticket and accommodation combined. Using various local cards, that provide free entrances to museums or other significant discounts may help to diminish the budget and use the money instead to buy presents for home.

I will try to present in the next post more interesting offers and ideas that may help the hasty traveller to save money and time. 

Till then, enjoy the colourful Switzerland!





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