Day 2 at ITB

I spent again more than 4 hours running around at the ITB, this time with less materials and leaflets, but still enough materials that I needed to carry away at home. Most part of the time I visited the European Pavilion, with some short stop in the Middle East and a spring among the Latin American Pavilions. – South Eastern Europe was welcoming with me: I spent some time talking with the Serbians and Macedonians and explored the opportunities of trips covering Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Croatia and Montenegro. – The biggest Pavilions are: Greece, Spain, Poland and Italy, countries that are very popular among Germans. You can find there anything you want to know about different cities and regions, hotels and the best real estate offers or rent-a-car possibilities. Everyone speaks German and are more than happy to help. – Almost each Pavilion offers detailed maps of cities or regions. They are colourful, big and very simple. A very useful must-have for everyone preparing a trip. – As usual, the Turkish hotels are digitalized and they present their offers in CDs. Good news for someone overloaded with papers. – Ukraine’s offer is very much focused on cultural diversity and traditions. – I had a very delicious visit at the Malta Pavilion, where I discovered the cuisine from Gorzo – more to come in a fresh new post tomorrow. – US and Russia are neighbours, the clear message that the Cold War is over. – I loved to spend time at the Latin American Pavilion: big spaces, nice colours, welcoming people, nice costumes. I was served a small plastic cup with quinoa and as I recognize what I am about to taste, I produce a bit of pleasant surprise. ImageChecking the silks, at the very colourful Indian Pavilion.ImageThe culinary treasures of Gozo/Malta PavilionImageThe colourful mood from Latin America.ImageCheese made in Lichtenstein, a topic I need to find out more about DSCN0888Greetings from Ukraine, the Bukowina part DSCN0867I always wanted to go to Albania and still want to…

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